Charlotte and Julian

Charlotte and Julian

When Charlotte and Julian first contacted me they were still considering choosing a venue.  They were very interested in one Chateau Classique.

They had come from Dubai where they live, to view. It is a venue where I have planned many weddings so I was able to reassure them just how beautiful it is and how it could live up to their ideas and plans for their wedding. Charlotte is a professional designer and very artistic so I knew she needed somewhere very special as a backdrop to her wedding festivities.

They went back to Uk and Charlotte bought her beautiful wedding dress with her mind very much on the French chateau they had chosen.

It was April 2016 and their wedding day had been scheduled for 26th August 2017.

We began in earnest with a Skype call to Dubai to get a clear idea of the plans they were beginning to develop. Charlotte and Julian had first met at a friend’s wedding where Sam Docker was the photographer. They loved his work.  I had previously worked with him where he was photographer to other clients. They were wedding photographers themselves so ……he was very quickly booked.

We continued to plan with emails and phone calls, Charlotte and Julian came back again in August and we went food tasting and wine tasting. Wine tasting with Gerard in Lectoure was great craic and a large order was placed. They met  one of my recommended florists Amy  who knew exactly what they were after..


They wished to ensure they would use lots of the opportunities the beautiful parkland offered by creating different scenes in different parts of the park and gardens. So we re-visited the venue and make a lot of decisions there.

Food tasting was a success ….in that it made Charlotte and Julian realise what they did not want ……………. a traditional French wedding meal for their wedding.

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